MealO Health Drink Manufacturers in India

Micellar casein is slow digesting protein, it releases the amino acids at slower rate. Hence micellar casein is beneficial at those duration of days, when food is not consumed. Normally whey protein gets digested within four hours of intake, but micellar casein lasts for at least seven hours with a steady supply of BCAAs. In fact, in micellar casein higher concentration of leucine (an important amino acids) is found as compared to other protein supplements.

For the people willing to retain and increase their lean body mass, micellar casein is one of the best options. Individuals in a low calorie routine, can also incorporate micellar in their diet as it helps to maintain satiety (feeling of fullness for a longer time after eating food) for longer period of time than any other protein supplement. Micellar casein are effective at both- anabolism (phase of muscle building) and preventing catabolism (burning of muscles to derive energy) activities of the body.

Meal protein drink Improves Strength: It was due to anti-catabolic properties of casein protein that helped the body to minimize the amount of muscle breakdown and thereby optimize overall strength and performance.Micellar casein is a Stable Energy Source: Its ability to create a positive overall protein balance by elevating amino acid supply in the body for a long duration. Help promote colon growth: Another very important benefit of casein protein powder is that it helps promote colon health.

In a study performed out of Australia, researchers investigated the health benefits of various proteins and found that dairy proteins promote colon health better than meat and soy. This proves to be yet another reason why you should strongly consider adding casein protein to your daily intake.

Mealo Health Drink is an ideal drink for a working employee, students or anyone who is looking to boost energy, metabolism, muscle mass and weight management. Mealo Drinks are a portable and convenient option for an on-the-go meal. Hence choose a MealO Health drink that is high in protein and low in sugar with 17 vitamins and Minerals. It’s an excellent source of protein that’s perfect for everyone from runners to gym goers, with its slow-release perfect for all kinds of busy lifestyles.

Flavours: Choco Vanilla, Cappuccino & Kulfi