D. D. Nutritions (India)

Hicart Tablets

Stationed in New Delhi(India), our company is one of the most sought after entity in the industry. A famed name, the company is enlisted amidst the well-known Suppliers of Hicart Tablets.


Details :

  • Proprietory food - (food for special dietary use) "Not for medicinal use"
  • Ingredients - Starch, talcum, glucosamine sulphate patassium chloride, chondrotin sulphate, metthyl sulphonyl methane, dicerin, selenium, maganese sulphate, sodium borate, MCCP, sodium starch glycolate, crospovidence, magnesium sterate, lactose, HPMC, ethylcellulose, PVP K 30, titaniumdioxide.
  • Appropriate overages of vitamins adde to compensate
  • Loss on storage
  • Recommendation - 1-2 tablet once a day.

Nutritional Information

Nutritent Unit Per tablet
Energy Kcal 1.28
Carbohydrate (sugar-og) G 0.32
Protein G 0
Fat G 0
Gucosamine sulphate patassium
Mg 750
chondrotin sulphate Mg 100
Methyl sulphonyl methane Mg 250
diacerein Mg 50
Selenium dioxide Mg 70
maganese sulphate Mg 3
sodium borate Mg 0.5